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Located in a contemporary, eco-friendly development with an urban vibe, this house is a true gem amidst low-rise buildings and villas. Let's dive into the beauty of this space that left a lasting impression on me.

Nestled in Green Community, this villa stands as a testament to modern living in a tranquil setting. Picture landscaped gardens, traffic-free streets, and an urban vibe that defines the essence of this unique development

The first thing that struck me about this villa was its open space concept. Recently renovated, it's now one of my favorites in the area. The interiors are a canvas of white and brightness, thanks to expansive windows that flood every corner with natural light. The living room, adorned with light grey furniture and Hermes cushions, exudes an expensive touch, creating an inviting space.

The genius of the big windows lies in the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. Fully open them, and the pool becomes an extension of your living room. It's a design choice that transforms the house into one big, harmonious space.

Moving to the kitchen, simplicity takes center stage with just the right amount of playful details. White hues dominate, and an island becomes the heart of the ground floor, perfectly blending with the adjacent dining area. During the golden hour, wooden details turn goldish, playing wonderfully with highlights and shadows in the dining room.