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Rabih's cozy sanctuary is located in the heart of Umm Suqeim a neighborhood famous for its enchanting villas and evolving architecture. Rabih's villa stands out, and stepping into it is like entering a dream crafted by the collaborative magic of Rabih and the talented architect, Hind Abu Ibrahim.

Rabih's touch is evident in every corner, emphasizing the importance of the villa's location. With an open concept in mind, the ground floor effortlessly connects to the inviting pool through beautiful windows, making it feel like the outdoors are an extension of the interior.

What makes Rabih's villa truly special is the captivating interplay of highlights and shadows, creating breathtaking patterns that evolve with the sun's journey. It's not just a house; it's a living canvas that transforms throughout the day.

The vibe inside is pure serenity, painted in soothing sand colors with delicate hints of calming blue accents. The furniture, handpicked from the likes of Fendi and Roberto Cavalli, exudes a personality of its own.

As the lucky photographer behind the lens, capturing this haven was an absolute joy. I found myself drawn back not once but twice!! Once for capturing video and the second time to immortalize its beauty in photographs. Rabih's Umm Suqeim villa isn't just a house! It's a living, breathing expression of comfort, style, and a touch of artistic soul.