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Hello there! This is one of my favourite projects and want to share it with you! I know, I tend to say that about each project I shoot, but this one holds a special place in my photographer's heart. If you've been following my photography journey, you know I'm crazy about shooting during the blue hour, that magical time when the sky takes on hues of indigo and everything just seems to glow. And guess what? This villa in Umm Suqeim knows how to be the star!

Umm Suqeim is already a hotspot for jaw dropping villas, and being a real estate photographer, I've had my fair share of capturing these architectural wonders. Now, usually, I'm all about those furnished vibes it gives you a peek into the lives lived within those walls. But this project threw me a curveball. The architect here did such an amazing  job that the place came alive even without furniture. It's like magic, seriously!!

My personal favourites? It has to be the facade and the back of the house! The architect played with symmetry and lighting in such a way that the house itself became a piece of art. 

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